Equipment and tools

ADS-B standard kit

When you receive one of our ADS-B antenna kits, we have prepared the equipment for your easy installation. The standard kit contains these items that are pre-assembled for your convenience.

If you need help setting up WIFI connection, please use the guide here


S/N: 0002

Network cable

1 meter, CAT 5e patch cable, U/UTP, black.


S/N: 0008

Active GPS antenna

For both indoor and outdoor usage

S/N: 0016

ADS-B antenna

Height 50 cm, outdoor, including antenna cable 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 meters with connectors 


ADS-B receiver

Power cable with local power plug included. Receiver measures W21 x D15 x H7,4 cm

Additional tools and equipment

Included upon request for your installation

S/N: 0001

Network cable 0.5 m.

CAT 5e patch cable, U/UTP, black.

S/N: 0002

Network cable 1 m.

CAT 5e patch cable, U/UTP, black.

S/N: 0004

Antenna cable stripper blue.

RG6/59 W. Hex 11 spanner.

S/N: 0005

Antenna cable stripper

Double blade Cable Stripper Pliers

S/N: 0006

Crimping plier to crimp

BNC. TNC. SMA and N-connector

S/N: 0007

Single gold pin

Aircell 5 N-connector

S/N: 0008

Active GPS antenna

For indoor and outdoor use

S/N: 0009

Medium voltage rubber tape

Insulating and jacketing splices 600v to 46kV

S/N: 0010

N-connector for Aircell 5

UHF Male crimp for RG59 – 75ohm Jyebao

S/N: 0011

N-connector for Aircell 7

N male crimp for LMR300, Aircell 7

S/N: 0014

Shrinkable tubing large

3M MDT A F471 27/7.5, black

S/N: 0015

Shrinkable tubing small

3M 9/3 glue, black

S/N: 0016

ADS-B antenna

Outdoor antenna , height 50 cm.

S/N: 0017

Aircell 5 antenna cable

Width 0,5 cm, length 20-25 meter or by request

S/N: 0018

Aircell 7 antenna cable

Width 0,73 cm, lenght 30 meter or by request

S/N: 0019

Mounting bracket small

Width 8,7cm, height 16,7 cm

S/N: 0020

Mounting bracket big

Width 12,5 cm, height 25,5 cm

S/N: 0021

FME ST Female Crimp A7

For Aircell 7

S/N: 0022

FME ST Female Crimp A5

For Aircell 5

S/N: 0023

N male / FME male adaptor

For Aircell 5 and Aircell 7

S/N: 0024

GPS extender cable

Lenght 10 meter or by request

S/N: 0025

Table ADS-B antenna

H35 cm, only for testing

S/N: 0026

Mast on mast adapter

5 cm. <-> 7,6 cm. Extender lenght 20 cm.

S/N: 0027

Wall bracket in steel

(Small) Place antennas 28 cm from wall

S/N: 0028

Wall bracket in steel

Small – 480 mm. from wall

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