How to set up the ADS-B receiver?

Once the antenna is mounted and wired to the ADS-B receiver, it’s time to prepare connection to your internet via your computer.


Allow the ADS-B receiver to receive data and updates via your firewall

In order to receive data from the ADS-B receiver you (hosts) typically need to un-block your firewall. Therefor these ports and IP addresses must be open:

IP: Port: 6902 UDP

IP: Port: 80 UDP

Port: 9040 Internally

Alternatively a DMZ solution can be viable.

The firewall needs to be open for the ADS-B receiver in order to to be able to:

  • Receive data
  • Update the ADS-B receiver with current ICAO information
  • Maintain and updated the operation core system.
  • Keep 24/7 tracking of the ADS-B information
  • Monitor ADS-B and GPS antenna health.

ADS-B Antenna BLL

ADS-B Antenna located in Billund, Denmark

Here you see the location of an AIR SUPPORT ADS-B Antenna located on the roof of the AIR SUPPORT Headquarters on Nimbusvej 9, Billund in Denmark.

Do you need help?

If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to contact our ADS-B support team at or call +45 7533 8889