How to set up the ADS-B receiver?

Once the antenna is mounted and wired to the ADS-B receiver, it’s time to prepare connection to your internet via your computer.


Allow the ADS-B receiver to receive data and updates via your firewall

In order to receive data from the ADS-B receiver you (hosts) typically need to un-block your firewall. Therefor these ports and IP addresses must be open:

IP: Port: 6902 UDP

IP: Port: 80 UDP

Port: 9040 Internally

Alternatively a DMZ solution can be viable.

The firewall needs to be open for the ADS-B receiver in order to to be able to:

  • Receive data
  • Update the ADS-B receiver with current ICAO information
  • Maintain and updated the operation core system.
  • Keep 24/7 tracking of the ADS-B information
  • Monitor ADS-B and GPS antenna health.

ADS-B Antenna BLL

ADS-B Antenna located in Billund, Denmark

Here you see the location of an AIR SUPPORT ADS-B Antenna located on the roof of the AIR SUPPORT Headquarters on Nimbusvej 9, Billund in Denmark.